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Ultrasonic Vascular Doppler Detector


Ultrasonic Vascular Doppler Detector is mainly used to detect the blood flow status of human or animal artery. It is suitable for Urology, male, hand surgery, Department of orthopedics, trauma surgery, vascular surgery, burns, plastic surgery, cardiothoracic surgery and so on with ultra high sensitivity, small size and easy-to-use characteristics.



●10.0MHz±20% blood flow probe was used to detect the blood flow of human arterial venous blood;

●2.4 inches TFT display can display the blood flow waveform, the average blood flow velocity;

●Built-in data interface, the host can also be used alone, can also be connected to the use of computers;

●Matching optional Doppler ultrasound blood vessel analysis and diagnosis software;

●Bidirectional blood flow and unidirectional blood flow curve are optional; bidirectional display speed curve can be set into two modes

●Built-in high quality loudspeaker with clear and loud output

●Unidirectional probe is normative collocation, bidirectional probe is optional

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