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Fetal Doppler




1. 3.2' TFT LCD can display FHR and fetal heart curve, Fetal movement,UC,PR,,SpO2(dual interfaces),battery indicator, volume indicator and real-time FHR signal.

2. It can switch interface and set function, alarm range and language easily. Acousto-optic alarm function for abnormal FHR and low power.

3. Built-in thermal printer can print the heart rate curve synchronously.

4. Replay function for the fetal heart and heart curve within 12 hours(for option).Automatic power off in one minute.

5. RS-232 port can transmit the data to computer.

6. Normative collocation 2.0MHz probe, UC probe, remote event marker and SpO2 probe.



1. Executive Standard: EN61266: 1995

2. Ultrasonic frequency: 2.0MHz/5.0MHz±10%

3. Ultrasonic intensity: ≤10mW/cm2

4. Comprehensive Sensitivity: ≥90dB

5. FHR range: 60--210bpm(±2bpm)

6. FHR alarm range: 60--210bpm adjustable

7. Isptp; ≤0.1MPa

8. Print speed: 1,2,3 cm/min

9. Battery: 14.4V/1600mAh Ni-MH rechargeable batteries

10. Adapter input voltage: AC 100--240V 50Hz/60Hz

11. Rechargeable battery input voltageno load:DC 24V±1V

12. Input power: ≤30W

13. Maximum audio output intensity:≤2W

14. Doppler frequency: 100--3000Hz

15. Static continuous working time: ≥4h

16. Automatic power off: one minute

17. Working temperature: 10-40℃

18. Humidity: ≤80%

19. Atmospheric pressure: 86--106kPa

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