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Fetal Doppler




1. White backlight LCD can display FHR for darkness use: show the probe working frequency, battery capacity, Doppler signal and alarm indicator; user friendly interface makes easy operation.


2. Output jack can be connected to instruments. ( headset )


3. Sound amplified and recorded function.


4. Clear sound with a high quality loudspeaker.


5. 2.0MHz probe is standard probe, can be changed into 3.0MHz, 5.0MHz, 8.0MHz very easily.


6. 1.5V batteries be chosen by alkaline battery or rechargeable batteries.




1. Executive Standard:EN61266:1995


2. Ultrasonic frequency:2.0 MHz(Standard) 3.0MHz/5.0MHz/8.0MHz(Optional),error: ± 10%


3. Ultrasonic power intensity:≤10mW/cm2


4. Comprehensive Sensitivity: ≥90dB


5. Measurement range: 50bpm–210 bpm Error: ±2bpm


6. Isptp:≤0.1Mpa


7. Doppler Frequency: 0-3KHz


8. Power Consumption:≤1.5W


9. Power off automatically: after 3 minutes


10. Working Mode: Continuous ultrasound Doppler


11. Working temperature: 5-40℃


12. Humidity:< 80


13. Atmospheric pressure:86-106kPa


14. Power Supply: Size 5 alkalescency battery(1.5V x3) (alkalescency battery isn't rechargeable)


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