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Blood And Infusion Warmers


Blood And Infusion Warmers

Blood and Infusion Warmer



BFW-1000+ provide Wi-Fi connection, infusion flow speed test, room temperature detecting function. As kind of warming device, medical fluid infusion warmer BFW-1000+can warm the liquid that infused into human body by warming the infusion pipe, with high efficiency and easy use.

Dry groove warmer structure: Adopt conventional infusion pipe to warm the infusion pipe directly, no need of special medical consumables.



1. The BFW series is an instrument that can heat the infusion/blood by electrical energy, dry warmer.


2. Temperature sensor in it can automatically adjust the fluid temperature.


3. Infrared detection function can work continuously for 3 to 6 hours;


4. Prompt function: the audible and visual alarm to remind doctor;


5. Design Water-proof. The thermostat inside keep the infusion stable, prevent overheating.


6. BFW-1000Highlight LED display;


7. Can start to warm within 1 minute after switching on.


8. Temperature range: 28℃ - 41℃ ( ±1 )


9. Humidity: 35 – 95 %RH ( Non condensing)


10. Flow Rate: 1-15ml/min


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