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Intelligent Disinfection Vehicle


Intelligent disinfection vehicle

Intelligent disinfection vehicle functions

1. Uv sterilization

2. Ozone sterilization

3. Disinfectant spray disinfection triple disinfection function can be

4. Lidar scanning panoramic planning route is automatically carried out

5. Charging automatically at low power level to maintain sufficient energy

6. It has alarm function and emergency braking function in abnormal situation

Product Advantages:

A variety of disinfection mode high-level elimination ultra endurance intelligent planning route

Functional Features

Atomization disinfection: compatible with a variety of disinfectant atomization (84 disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide, etc.), atomization capacity of 50ml/min, ozone disinfection with head of 1.5m or above: 100W ozone generating power, active air supply

Uv disinfection: 40W UV lamp is irradiated with 360° light and automatically rises and falls

Obstacle avoidance system: 360° distributed multi-layer ultrasonic sensors, which can identify obstacles at any Angle. Anti-drop sensor monitoring system is installed on the chassis: fault detection of atomization, ozone, UV, driving system functions, disinfection-liquid level monitoring, sensor status monitoring


Application Scope

1. Disinfection of infectious disease areas: reduce the risk of disinfection personnel being infected and cross-infected

2. Sterilize the radiation area, radiation area and intervention room to reduce the risk of radiation exposure of disinfection personnel

3. Reduce the workload of disinfecting personnel and disinfecting personnel in high-speed trains, high-speed railway stations and lobbies of various commercial places, etc.

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