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Fetal Doppler




1. Pocket Fetal Doppler mainly applies to detect the fetal heartbeat rate since the twelfth week of pregnancy;

2. LCD can display FHR, synchronous FHR signal, battery indicator, volume of sound and alarm indicator accurately;

3. Built-in rechargeable battery can work continuously more than 5 hours;

4. Blue backlight LCD display for use conveniently at night;

5. Automatic power off ( one minute), self-detect function, and alarm function when FHR is out of the normal range or battery power is in shortage;

6. Only 270g, can be carried conveniently with a gallus;

7. Built-in speaker and collocated with earphone jack;

8. 2.0MHz probe.








1. Executive Standard: EN61266:1995


2. Ultrasonic frequency: 2.0MHz±10%


3. Ultrasonic intensity: ≤10mW/cm2


4. Comprehensive Sensitivity: ≥90dB


5. FHR range: 60--210bpm(±2bpm)


6. FHR alarm range: ≤100bpm or  ≥160bpm


7. Isptp: ≤0.1MPa


8. Battery: 9V dry battery (optional for 8.4VNi-MH rechargeable batteries and charger)


9. Maximum audio output intensity: ≤1W


10. Doppler frequency: 100--3000Hz


11. Static continuous working time: ≥2h


12. Automatic Dormancy time limit:1 minute


13. Working temperature: 10-40℃


14. Humidity: ≤80%


15. Atmospheric pressure: 86--106kPa



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