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Enternal Feeding Pump



The device is applicable to those patients who need enteral feeding, both in patients and out patients can use it for enteral feeding. This product is used to provide additional power for feeding enteral nutrition within body and can well control enteral nutrition feeding, so that enteral nutrition can flow int o stomach or intestines of body through infusion tube and feeding tube in fixed direction and at fixed spe ed.It is conducive for patients to absorb and utilize enteral nutrition.





1. Automatic Anti-Free-Flow(AFF)System


2. Audible alarm to indicate errors or the state of the pump set


3. Independent design in space, needless of dropper on the pump set.


4. It could detect the condition of nutrition bag.


5. Continuous feed, intermittent feed and flush capability


6. Auto-PERFUSING feature set free from time-consuming manual PERFUSING


7. Store previous 72 hours of feeding and flushing history


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