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Blood And Infusion Warmers


Blood and Infusion Warmer



Temperature intellectual controlling technology: 

Adopts intellectual microcomputer controlling technology, with triple protection

Warm the device quickly, warm the fluid automatically and control the temperature accurately in the preset temperature, keep it safe and stable;


Color LCD Display:

Set temperature,warming time,alarm indication,electricity on or off indication,liquid exist or not indication, wireless access indication;


Security feature: 

Low temperature alarm & high temperature alarm;


Infrared sensor technology: 

Audible & Visual alarm in case of finishing infusion;


Warming structure: 

Dry-groove type, binocular tube warming, faster & better efficiency. Use normal infusion tube, no need special consumables.


Connect the computer with RS-232 port to control the device.


Various kinds of alarm function:

Including alarm light, alarm sound and alarm information indicator, to remind doctor or medical staff:  heating plate overheating alarm, Liquid temperature overheating alarm, no liquid alarm, no heating alarm.  


High capacity  warming efficiency:

0-9 L/h



1. Power supply: AC 220V±10%  50Hz±1Hz or 110V±10%  60Hz±1Hz  


2. Power: ≤ 300W


3. Temperature range: 28℃-41℃ (Increasing by 0.1℃) ± 0.5℃


4. 82℉-105.8℉ (Increasing by 0.2℉)±1℉


5. Outer dimension: 190mm x 260mm x 150mm


6. Weight: 3kg


7. Waterproof and dustproof class: lp64


8. Preheating Time within 2 mins.


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