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Job Title Negotiable 1 Shenzhen 2020-06-12

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the operation of foreign trade platform account, including product promotion, release, listing, information update, and keyword optimization;

(Aliexpress, e-Bay, Amazon, Wish, MIC, Medical Expo, DIY Trade, Trade Key, etc.)

2. Responsible for collecting and analyzing market intelligence and competitors' situation, pricing products and analyzing key words of products;

Develop sales strategies;

3. Follow up customer enquiries and orders, timely reply, answer customers' questions or inquiries, improve customer satisfaction, and maintain accounts

High praise rate;

4. Collect and make statistics of sales data on a regular basis, and provide timely feedback of commodity sales information to superiors and effective Suggestions

Sales plan;

5. Responsible for the management, classification, sorting, filing and storage of relevant documents of the account;

6. Collected price comparison among major platforms of peers, submitted and complied with the arrangement of superiors for other work matters;

7. Add, update, modify, put on shelves and other promotion products in the background of various platforms, including the official website of the company and responsible for exhibition work;

Job Requirements:

1. Diligent and careful, with a strong sense of responsibility, initiative and good teamwork spirit;

2. Independent thinking and strong learning and receiving ability, able to work under great pressure;

3. College degree or above, good foreign language reading and writing skills;

4. Familiar with e-commerce, sales and promotion of e-commerce platforms (E-BAY, Amazon, Aliexpress, Wish);

5. Cet4 or above is preferred;

6. Experience in electronic medical product platform operation and foreign trade business is preferred;

7. More than 1-3 years of work experience, cross-border e-commerce or foreign trade majors will be preferred;


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