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Product Usage

Main product uses:

1) . ultrasonic Doppler flow detector

Product suitability:

It is mainly used for blood flow detection of human or animal arteries. It is suitable for Urology, andrology, hand surgery, orthopedics, trauma surgery, vascular surgery, burns, plastic surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, etc., with ultra-high sensitivity, small size and easy to use. Product features 8.0mhz probe 3.2 inch color LCD screen measures instantaneous average velocity and pulse rate value of blood flow, displays envelope diagram, and has built-in rechargeable battery, which can meet the working needs of more than 3 hours at a time. Special software can be selected to realize the data transmission of the blood flow meter to the computer for analysis and printing, and select single / bidirectional blood flow probe It can be used to check the effect of finger / toe and limb vascular anastomosis surgery, as well as pulse rate detection. Bv-620vp built-in thermal printer can be used for real-time printing. It is mainly used for the detection of human arterial vascular condition and peripheral vascular disease (PAD). It is suitable for Urology, andrology, surgery, orthopedics, trauma surgery, vascular surgery, burn and plastic surgery, etc.

2) . ultrasonic Doppler fetal monitor

Product suitability:

LCD displays fetal heart rate value, battery power symbol, signal strength symbol and probe operating frequency value. White background backlight LCD display is suitable for use in dark light. The backlight can be switched on or off by the user to save electric energy and prolong battery working time. It also has the function of automatic shutdown. The built-in high-quality loudspeaker makes the output of fetal heart sound clearer. It is equipped with headphone interface Standard probe 2.0MHZ, optional 3.0mhz, optional 5.0mhz, 8.0mhz probe to detect umbilical blood flow product features are mainly used for fetal heart rate detection, hospital, clinic and family, also can be used for umbilical cord blood detection. It is mainly used for the detection of fetal heart rate, suitable for hospitals, clinics, families, etc.

3) . fetal monitor

Product suitability:

It is mainly suitable for prenatal care in hospitals, medical institutions or families.

The probe adopts nine chip, wide beam, high efficiency anti-interference design and stable performance

Monitoring status can be frozen, coded keyboard, parameters can be set, multiple interfaces to transmit data

When there is no signal input, it will enter into sleep state automatically and can store 24-hour monitoring data

Hot wire array recorder is used for printing or storage printing with adjustable speed

Standard configuration 1.0mhz ultrasound probe, uterine contraction pressure probe, fetal movement scaler

Bfm-700 (single fetus) 5.7 inch color LCD display fetal heart rate, uterine contraction pressure, fetal movement parameters and curve

Bfm-700 + (twin) 5.7-inch color LCD display twin fetal heart rate, uterine contraction pressure, fetal movement parameters and curve

4) . syringe shaper

Product suitability:

Through the low-pressure instant melting needle, prevent the syringe reuse, damage disposable syringe, and eliminate cross infection. It is suitable for dental syringe or other similar needles. (acupuncture needle and disposable skin test needle)

5) . intelligent thermostat

Product suitability:

It is mainly used in operating room, ICU ward, CT catheter room, radiology department, intervention room, emergency department and other hospital departments; it is used for constant temperature heating of liquid drugs, normal saline, contrast agent, flushing fluid, iodophor, dialysate, nutrient solution, patient's sheet towel, etc.

6) . infusion heater

Product suitability:

By heating the infusion tube, the instrument for heating the liquid input into the human body has the advantages of high heating efficiency and easy to use

The utility model uses a conventional infusion tube without special consumables. It is suitable for preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative blood transfusion; intravenous nutrition infusion; children or newborn transfusion; blood transfusion and transfusion in cold environment.

7) . vein finder

Product suitability:

It is helpful to improve the success rate of venipuncture, reduce the pain of patients and improve the relationship between doctors and patients.

8) . ultrasonic beauty instrument

Product suitability:

Meixi Meiji Doppler ultrasonic cosmetology instrument uses high-tech nano chip mode and special process oscillation technology to make pure water nano divided into 0.3-0.5 μ m, which can quickly penetrate into the bottom of the skin, so that the skin can better absorb water; the high-frequency oscillation of ultrasound can hit The pigment accumulated in the broken epidermis stimulates the protein in the skin, activates the stopped physiological activity, and makes the skin more and more smooth and delicate.