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Fluid Warming Cabinet BFW-1060
BFW-1060 series of liquid heating cabinet is mainly used for operating room, ICU ward, CT catheter room, radiology, intervention room, emergency department and other hospital departments; for liquid medicine, saline, contrast agent, rinse solution, Dialysis solution, nutrient solution, the patient was a single towel and other temperature heating.
Used in operating room, ICU ward, CT cath laboratory, radiology, intervention room, emergency department and so on. Used for heating liquid pharmaceuticals, physiological saliqe, contrast agents, rinses, iodine, dialysate, patient warming cabinet, etc which needs thermostatic heating. 

●Microcomputer control, accurate and reliable, friendly interactive interface. 
●Touch-screen design, easy to operate.
●Automatic alarm , safe and reliable.
●Built-in dual liner, select nutrient solution mode or injection mode according to different requirements. 
●Nutrient or other reagents mode Temperature range: 37 ° -66 ° C (98 ° -150 ° F) 
●Injection mode Temperature range: 37 ° -40 ° C (98 ° -104 ° F) 
●Large interior volume (154L or 252L for optional) and can be placed with fluid or blankets.