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BV-520TV+ Vascular Doppler

Ultrasonic vascular doppler is mainly used for detecting the animal blood flow,widely used in animal hospitals ect.

Well-designed flat probe with excellent sensitivity,compact size and user-friendly.

----Detecting the blood flow in veins and arteries of animals by 9 MHz probe;

----Working mode:continuous work;

----Suitable for detecting anastomosis of animal blood vessels and limbs after surgery;

----Undirectional vascular Doppler with large color LCD screen,show the blood flow waveform and velocity;

----Offering excellent sound quality with its build-in high-fidelity speaker;

----Built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery to satisfy the requirements of long-time continuous work.

Range of frequency:
 ---Main unit200±80~5000±1000Hz
---External outputloudspeaker 

---Emissive waveform: sine wave.
---Ultrasonic frequency9.0MHz±10%.
---Ultrasonic frequency average intensity≤50mW/cm2
---Test range: 090 cm /s
---Test error≤20%relative error
---Overall sensitivity> 100dB
---Band width: 0.2 KHz 7.0 KHz
---Display mode: 320*240 matrix TFT
---Power supply modeDC
---Power consumption<20W
---Buil-in LI-ION rechargeable batteries
---Power indicatorblue LED indication
---Charging indicatororange for charging; green for full charge
---Consistent working time: ≥8h
---Ourter dimension70*130*40 (mm) 

---Net weight:250 g