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BD-320A Syringe destroyer,Smallest&powerful
small but powerful syringe destroyer, working range 18-34G.


Low voltage electric shock can melt the needle instantly;

l  Double superheating protection is provided;

l  Surplus liquid in the syringe can be boiled off instantly and no pollution;

l  There will some electrical spark which is normal during melting;


The product approved by CE, Free sale certification. If you need copy of the files, please contact our sales.


l   Destroy Needle specifications 18G---34G

l   Power: AC 110V±10%/220V±10%

l   Melting method: melt with low pressure, high temperature

l   Melting efficiency: take 20ml syringe body as reference, can melt syringe (ø1.2mm length 35mm) approximately 3 seconds;

l   Working time: can destroyer around 240 continuously (take 20ml syringe body as reference)

l   Working noise:≤50dB

l   Electrode chip working voltage: AC 6.5V

l   Power: ≤130VA

l   Electrode chip superheating protection temperature: 95℃

l Single unit      Dimension: 25cm x 22cm x 18cm      Gross weight: 2kg

l 18 pcs/carton    Dimension: 54cm x 44cm x 42cm      Gross weight: 27kg

l Normative collocation: power line, operation manual, approval certification, warranty card