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Patient monitor BPM-9630
BPM-9630  Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor
 12.1''high resolution color TFT display 
 96 hours graphic trend
 Pacemaker detection, arrhythmia , S-T segment analysis  
 Digital SpO2 technology with better , performances of anti-electrosurgical , interference, anti-motion and anti-low infusion
 Calculation function of drug concentration, drug titration and hemodynamic status    
 Wired or wireless network    
 Three-level Audible and visible alarm , events recallable
 Nurse Call function
 For adult, pediatric and neonate

Standard configuration:  ECG,RESP,NIBP,SPO2,PR,TEMP
Optional function:  IBP,EtCO2,Cardiac output,printer

Dimension:              272(H) X 327(W) X 145(D) (mm)
Weight:                 6.5Kgs (with battery)

Measuring range:         Adult   0~300bpm
Neonate and pediatric     0~350bpm
Band width:             0.05Hz~100Hz 
Accuracy:               ±1%
Lead Type:              5-lead and 3-lead selectable
Lead selection:           standard I,II,III; augmented limb lead 
                       aVR, aVL, aVF;Chest lead V1~V6
Resolution:             1 bpm
Trend monitoring time: no less than 96 hours
ST-Segment analysis:     -2.0 mV ~2.0mV; auto 
Arrhythmia analysis:     13 kinds of Arrhythmia analysis
Scanning speed:         12.5, 25, 50mm/Second
Gain selection:          x1/2, x1, x2; auto 
Protection:             Withstand 4000 VAC/ 50Hz voltage 
                      Voltage in isolation against
                      Defibrillation and electrosurgical
ECG cable :            adults, pediatric and neonate
Alarm Range:          15-350 bpm
ARR Alarm:           Audible and visible alarm , 
                     events recallable

Method:              Automatic Oscillometric
Operation Model:       manual, automatic, continuous  
Auto measurement 
time interval:          Adjustable 1 /2 /3/4
                              /5/10/15/30/60/90/120/240/480 Min.
Measuring Unit:        mmHg /kPa selectable
Measurement types:     Systolic, Diastolic, Mean
Measuring Range:      Adult:     10~270mmHg
                     Pediatric:  10~200mmHg
                     Neonate :  10~135mmHg
Cuff pressure range :    0~320mmHg
Cuff type:             Adult cuff
Cuff inflation time:     < 10 seconds 
Cuff deflation time:     <20 seconds  
Protection:            Yes 
Alarm:               Upper alarm,lower alarm,Auto-memory

Measuring range:      0~ 50 ℃ ( 32~122℉  )
Probe Type:         Body temperature probe (standard)
                    Esophageal temperature probe (Optional)
                    Rectal Temperature probe (Optional)
Resolution:           0.1℃
Accuracy:            ±0.1℃ 
Channel:             Dual-channel, Provide T1, T2
Alarm Range:         0~50℃

Measuring range       0~100% 
Resolution:           1% 
Accuracy:            ±1% ( 70%~100%) 
                    ±2% (0%~69% )
PR measuring range:   0~255 bpm
PR accuracy:         ±1 bpm
Sensor Type:         Adult    sensor (standard)
                   Pediatric  sensor(optional) 
                   Neonate  sensor(optional) 
Alarm Range:        0~100%

Display:            waveform display and numeric display
Operation Mode:     Auto/Manual
Method:            Trans-thoracic impedance 
RR Measuring range:  0~150bpm
Accuracy:           ±1 bpm
Apnea alarm threshold: 10s,15s,20s(default),25s,30s,40s
Band Width:         0.2-2.5Hz (-3dB)
Sweep speed:        6.25mm/s,12.5mm/s,25mm/s,50mm/s
Alarm Range:        Adult:6-120rpm
                   Pediatric and Neonate:6-150rpm

IBP (Optional)
Measurement range:  - 10 ~ 300 mmHg
Channel:            2 channels
Sensitivity:          5 μ V/V/mmHg
Impedance range     300~3000Ω
Accuracy:           ±1 mmHg or ±2%
                   (exclusive of transducer)
Alarm Range:        -10 ~ 300 mmHg

EtCO2 (Optional)
Measurement range:   0 ~ 300 mmHg
Accuracy:           1rpm
Sample flowerate:     50 ml/min
Sample rate accuracy   ±15% or 15 ml/min.
Respiration rate:      0 ~ 120 rpm
Respiration accuracy:  ±2 rpm (0 ~70 rpm)
                   ±5 rpm (>70 rpm)
Respiration time:     < 60 ms
Delay time:         <2s