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Working model:Pulse doppler 

Bluetooth function, FHR data can be transferred to PC with WIFI.


Doppler Fetal Heart Rate (FHR) Detector model BF-515 applies the ultrasonic Doppler principle to detect the fetal heart beat. 

The units are compact, lightweight, easy to operate with stable performance and high dependability.

Delicate, handle, probe integrated with main unit, pulse working mode, and built-in loudspeaker
Water-proof design, work under the water, and specially designed for water delivery.

Bluetooth function, FHR data can be transferred to PC with WIFI. 

There is the lock function for fetal heart rate.

Three working modes: instantaneous, average and manual count mode.
Blue backlight LCD displays fetal heart rate and other information such as low power indicator and alarm indicator for abnormal FHR etc.
Excellent power management function: the backlight will power off after 10 seconds without signal input.

Adopt DSP technology which is the same with fetal monitor, to make sure accurate and stable fetal heart rate detection.

CE certificaation

Working model:Pulse doppler

l Working frequency:2.0MHz ± 10%

l Ultrasound power:≤10mW/c㎡

l Overall sensitivity:≥ 90dB (Integrated sensitivity 200mm away from the the surface of the probe)

l Spatial-peak temp-peak acoustic pressure:≤ 0.1 MPa 

l Effective area of transducer:3.0±0.5 cm2

l Battery:AAA Ni-MH rechargeable battery1.2V X 4

l Input  power:≤20VA

l Coupling medium impedance:1.5-1.6 (105g/cm2.s)

l Doppler frequency:0-3.0 KHz

l Speaker  power:≤1W

l Working model:Pulse doppler

Physical feature:

l Size:190×68×45cm

l Weight:350g±20g(Including the battery)

l Working environment:

Temperatrue:+5 ℃ ~ +40 ℃

 Humidity:≤ 80% 

Atmospheric pressure:86kPa ~ 106kPa(a ventilatable room without etchant gas )

Single Unit        Dimension: 29cm x 23cm x 8cm           Gross Weight: 1.5kg     

Normative collocation: charger, operation manual, approval certification, warranty card