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BECG-200A is designed with digital isolation technology and digital signal processor for guaranteeing the authenticity and dependability;
High-resolution thermal printer can print out ECG waveform, describing the trace clear and accurate;
Auto-regulation of baseline drift can effectively inhibit baseline drift;
Output system of high-definition linear array (8dot/mm), do not need any adjustment, the frequency of record is up to 150Hz;
In automatic mode, if the patient cable is in abnormal condition, please continuous press MODE  button to observe the record;
Design corresponds to IEC, CF, the amplifier is floating input circuit;
Have AC/DC two kinds of operation contains Ni-MH rechargeable battery, can continuously record 80 pieces of ECG trace in the best DC condition.


Lead: Standard 12 leads, changing lead automatically
Input mode: Floating input circuit; Protection against defibrillation effect
Leakage current: < 10uA
Input Impedance: ≥50MΩ
Calibration Voltage: 1mV(±3%)
Sampling rate:1ms
A/D Converter: 12bit
Frequency response: 0.05Hz-150Hz(-3dB)
Time constant: >3.2s
CMRR: >80dB; >100dB(with AC filter in use)
35Hz(-3dB)/25Hz(-3dB)EMG Interference filter: 35Hz(-3dB)/25Hz(-3dB
Recording Mode: Thermal printer
Paper Speed: 25.50 mm/s±3%
Paper Size: 63mmx20m/63mmx30m, roll type
Input loop current: < 50nA
DC external input: 10mm/V, single end input: >100KΩ
ECG output: 0.5V/mV,single end output: < 100Ω
Safety Standard: I-CF, Protector form defibrillation
300mV anti-polarization voltage:
Noise Level: < 15µVP-P
Power:AC 220V 50Hz/110V 60Hz;   DC 12V


The product approved by CE, Free sale certification. If you need copy of the files, please contact our sales.

Single unit Dimension: 42cm x 26cm x 30cm   Gross Weight: 7kg
4 pcs/carton  Dimension: 42cm x 52cm x 60cm    Gross Weight: 27kg 
Normative collocation: manufacturer's identify certificate 1 pcs, packing list 1 pcs, eligibility card 1 pcs, warranty card 1 pcs,50mm Thermal Recording Paper 1 roll, patient cable 1 pcs, Three plugged power cable 1 pcs, limb electrode(limb nip) 4 pcs, chest electrode (sucking ball) 6 pcs, AC electric fuse 2 pcs, user manual 1 pcs, Grounding Cable 1 pcs